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Your Money Success Is Direct Proportion To The Number of Problems You Solve

Revelation is, everyone has problems and everyone solves problems, and your money success in life will equal the problems you solve for your society. Money having principle says; if you solve small problems so will you paid small too; and if you solve big problems so will you be paid big too.

The reason why most people earn little money is because they learn little, have little knowledge and have small ideas on how to make money, and this is a simple reason why they earn so little money, and so is the opposite of those who earn lots of money; as it has been said, “Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones”, Ralph Waldo Emerson.  

Employees and small business people earn little money or salaries because they offer little service or services, example their service offered is only limited within the cycle of a job, family, friends and themselves only.

Entrepreneurs earn lots of money because they service and serve a lot of people problems; example they create many opportunities like jobs, the create products and services that serves many people in their communities and that drives the country’s economy forward. In addition they help out governments to provide jobs and products that drive the country’s economy forward.

Employees complain that they work very hard but earn little money, but many don’t understand that the service or labor they offer is always limited, in a just a part; for example limited just in a section or a department of a job at a company. Well, as said, entrepreneurs earn lots of money because they own and run a business or businesses, investment or investments that generate lots of money and opportunities. That’s why it has been titled; “Money success equals the number of problem or problems you solve in your community, country or world, either through the services or products you offer”.

Always remember that; money is the result or reward of the service or products you offer that solve certain problems in your community; as Elon Musk the entrepreneur and owner of Space X said, “You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve”.     

Maradona Chalwe
Author, Education Advocate, Researcher and Teacher


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