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Move On, We Have Been Hate All!

A relationship ended, still crying and regretting; move on, it’s not the only relationship you were born for, and moreover not every relationship you find yourself in was meant to last forever. Move on, I have been left before, I moved on.

You lost your job, move on, that’s not the only job in this world; what if a better job is waiting for you to move to it; and you are delaying, how will you find that better job?  Move on, I have lost jobs twice before, but I moved on.  

You lost money in a business deal, and you want to give up on that business, please move on, and take another chance, what if it was a learning lesson to prepare you for better and challenging business opportunities coming ahead. Move on, I have lost money in a business before, I moved on, so can you.

You have lost a loved one, I know it’s not easy to move on, to let go of their spirit, but you only have two options to move or remain in grief; and all you must know is that we are meant to die on this earth, and when death occurs amidst the family or any other relationship; face the grief, face the sorrow, appreciate all the good that loved one did for you, learn from their mistakes if did, and gratefully release their spirit, let their spirit go in peace. Move on, I lost both parents at a very young age, I moved on, so you can.  

You failed in a school exam and you feel it’s like the end of your world, and everyone is looking down on you; face that criticism and rewrite that exam, you are not the first one who has failed that exams move on. Move on, I have failed school exams like no mans business, and I moved on, and here I am you are reading my article.

No one understands and believes in your dreams, move on with your dream, the people who will believe and support your dream will be found along the way. Truth is, life is not fair, no matter the good you will do and be, not everyone will love you; so just love your dream, work on your dream, live your dream and share your dream to those who will welcome it, and stop forcing people to love you and believe in you, just believe in yourself and love yourself, and move on with your life.

It’s only when you accept you been hate, and you learn a lesson, then you will move on with your life. Have you noticed that no matter how much we hate life; life keeps on moving, so if life can move on, why can’t you? I get hate often, have been hate before, but I still move on; so, let not moving on from hate be an excuse for why you have become a bitter person today or why you have not achieved the success you wanted.

Don’t not make being hate be the cage of not living a better life you have always desired to experience; many are into this cage, don’t be such a person, move on with your life, not everyone is meant to love you.

Maradona Chalwe
Author, Education Advocate, Researcher and Teacher


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