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Lets Define Laziness?

Have you noticed that the most hardworking people are the most poorest people in this world? Have you noticed how the great majority of employees work hard at their jobs, but they are still poor and getting poorer; and yet someone will say they are poor because they do not work hard.

Truth is, not working hard at something does not define someone is lazy, No! Its letting others decide or deciding your own life for you that defines someone is lazy, and no matter how such a person works hard, if they do not define their own life, a poor life is the order of their day.

Following without questioning and not knowing why you follow what you follow that’s laziness!

Let’s look at the most important areas of lives where the great majority of people have let a few people define their lives for them, and by the way this is the unconscious decision; which they follow without thought of questioning why they follow what they follow?

1: Financial Decision

Almost 95 – 97% of the world’s population do not define their own financial lives, for example an employee does not define his or her own financial life, it’s the employer through a paycheck that decide and define their financial budget for them, from house rent money, clothing, luxury, food, travelling, etc; all this must fit into a salary, and if the budget goes beyond the salary income, then debt is the order of their day.

Majority of people in this world let money define their way of living, instead of them deciding the life they want to live or experience by using money as means to experience that life they want and not money be an end to the life they are experiencing right now. Your current income must not be an end, but must be a means to create abundance incomes. And moreover one way the government control or decide the financial lives of people in any country in this world is to train its citizens to become employees, trained to work for money.

2: Career Decision

The reason why most people hate and complain about their jobs or what they do for a living is of letting others decide which career to live for with their lives. This career problem is common between a parent and a child, often it’s the parents who make a decision for their child for which career to pursue for their lives.

My father wanted me to become an engineer so that I can join him in the company called Zambia Electricity Supply Cooperation Company, my sister wanted me to become a teacher, my uncle wanted me to become a soldier and school in general wanted me to become an employee, of which I never wanted to follow their paths; I have always wanted to create and follow my own decision of the life path I want, of which I did, am doing right now and will be doing, always choosing and creating my own path of life, and if I never did you would not be reading this article on this Rich Trainings Institute website.

Today majority of my friends are teachers, nurses, police officers, lawyers, etc, many are not in those careers because of their own personal decisions, but by their own families, school, spouses or government decisions made for them, and this is all a definition of a lazy person, letting others decide your life for you. That’s why I am very much evaluative when I hear someone say “I am living my own life”, in reality the majority who often use such a statement do not live their own lives at all, their always following the opinions of external society and not the opinions of their own society within themselves.

It’s not easy to live your own life in a world that is constantly pushing you not be yourself, but it’s worth and heart full feeling to live your own life, simply because that’s what we are here for on this earth, to live our own lives.  

3: Marriage Decision

A laziness of letting others determine who you must marry is common among women. Some women marry for money, while others for love and while others marry to escape poverty away from their parent’s home, so is the opposite sex too. Some women when they hit a certain age stage they go for whatever man comes along of which later they regret. When it comes to marriage, for the majority age, location (society), income, job, menopause, friends and family decides for them who to marry and when to marry and not them to marry when they feel so and are ready to marry. Matters of relationships must be matters of your personal decisions, and not others to decide for you.

4: Religion Decision 

This Christian religion statement that Jesus Christ is coming soon to take his followers to a promised heaven where they will be no suffering of nothing has really created more poor people on this earth like no mans business. What I mean is this statement has decided for the majority to remain in poverty in the hope that Jesus is coming to end our suffering lifestyles when in turn it has added more suffering.

My point is whether Jesus Christ is coming or not, that’s not my business, my business is to do what I am here on this earth which is my heaven,  to decide for myself the life I want to experience and not any religious group created by my fellow human beings to decide for me the life I must live.

And the silly part is people even go to war for religions. Religion means to lock your consciousness from growth. I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual person, I don’t belong to any religion of mankind, I belong to the universe of which I prefer love is what I follow and what I am from the universe.

Religions are their already, but do not let religion define your life and who you must become. Define and decide your own life, no one is born a religionist, we are just taught when we are born on this earth. Religion is a taught more and often forced to follow without questioning; and if you follow without questioning, that’s laziness.

It’s high time you started making sound personal decision for your own life, all else a few people in this world will always decide your own life for you and they have been doing so for centuries to those who are not in control of their own lives. Just always remember that laziness is letting others or circumstances decide your own life for you.  

Maradona Chalwe
Author, Education Advocate, Researcher and Teacher


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